Yo Yo Games

It’s our aim to bring a vast audience to enjoy the content that has been created by the creative talents of the GameMaker Community.

We recognise we won’t achieve that overnight, but we’ve brought together some of the industry’s leading talents in Europe to create YoYo Games and we’re investing in this site to give you a great platform and a community that will work with you to get the best of your games played on this site and distributed across the internet.

We’re launching our first phase in the next couple of weeks where you will be able to upload the games that you have created without any restrictions on the number of games you upload OR on the number of times that the games are downloaded and enjoyed by your Friends, Family or ultimately.. your fans! And you can keep up to date with YoYo Games announcements by visiting our blog!

Firstly you can help us!! By Feb 1st you will be able to register on the site. (We’re making every effort to ensure that you can bring your GMC Forum identity with you). Registration will be very simple and once you’ve registered there will be the opportunity to tell us what you would like to see from the site. Some of your suggestions will make it in time for or launch date (so be quick !!), but don’t be disappointed if you miss that date as we will be working constantly to make the site work for you.

We really look forward to supporting you with a great new evolution of the Game Maker Community. Welcome to YoYo Games!

Kind Regards,

The YoYo Team.